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I am a certified Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master offering Animal Reiki, Therapeutic Touch® and Canine Massage treatments.


My holistic approach to caring for companion animals, is based on the belief that non-human animals are also conscious beings and should be treated as such. They are intelligent and are affected by their environment; the stresses they experience; food, and by their own genetics.


I believe strongly in the holistic approach  to animal care – known as Integrative or Complementary Medicine. This approach applies conventional treatments and takes into consideration the physical and emotional  aspect of the animal, as well as any possible external stressors that may cause illnesses. Integrative or Complementary Veterinary Medicine often incorporate  gentle therapies such as special diets and supplements, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In my practice I’ve seen significant improvement in the health and vitality of senior dogs and cats, and how with the help of  Complementary Therapy their mobility has eased.  I’ve watched puppies transform from stressed or timid creatures into confident and relaxed companions. I have assisted companion animals while undergoing severe treatments by offering Reiki and massage to reduce the uncomfortable effects of medications. 

I approach each animal client and their human with empathy and compassionI am committed to serving animals and their people so they find the balance to enjoy a happy and healthy life together.

I approach dogs and their humans with empathy and compassion. Send me a message with your questions and concerns.


Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner


-Reiki Master Teacher #16-147

-Animal Reiki Practitioner

 registered with the 

 Canadian Reiki Association

-Certified Holistic Practitioner


Canine Massage and Therapeutic Touch  Practitioner.

Resting dog
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