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REIKI FOR DOGS and their person 

Canine Hairdresser
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My Approach

Communicating with your dog is my first step so I can understand her needs.

My practice  begins by tuning in, observing and listening to what your dog's needs are. Being able to communicate with her allows me to establish a two way 'dialogue', and to receive clear cues.


During the first session your dog  and I become acquainted with each other. In the beginning, she may prefer to experience Reiki from a short distance; from across the room,  rather than allowing me to place my hands directly on her body. In situations like this, I apply Beaming Reiki, from a distance so your dog feels comfortable. Later sessions may combine my three approaches—Beaming Reiki, Hands Hovering over your pet, and a Hands-on Application. Frequently, I also offer Distance Reiki to pets that had received one or two sessions with me.

There is no specific length of time set to each session as they always change; however, a Reiki session typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes;  your pet will decide when the treatment should end.

Best results

It is best to treat dogs in their own environment,  in a quiet area away from home and work activities.

Reiki for Two - for you and your dog

Anyone who has shared their home, work and family with a dog,  will understand well how close and intimate this special relationship is. For this reason, I believe on the importance of offering Reiki to you and your dog at the same time.

Animals rely far less on spoken words; instead they interpret and convey information through their senses, non-verbal communication, and energy exchange.

With Reiki for Two, we can tap into the "Empathic Blending", the subtle place where you and your animal share the energy field surrounding each of you; during the session, we attempt to harmonize and balance your individual and mutual energies. These sessions are particularly recommended when animals are experiencing stress related behaviours and when the dog is unable to settle down.

Reiki for Two will benefit you and your dog companion simultaneously; the session opens the channel for you to relax together; harmonize your energies, release tensions, communicate better, and ultimately move forward to a more harmonious and healthy life together.

Your session may last 45 to 60 minutes and normally happens in a comfortable and quiet place, where you and your pet can relax together.

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