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My Approach

Good communication with your dog is my guide throughout each session.


The session starts by tuning in and observing what your dog feels. His cues guide me on how to start, and how to proceed throughout the session.


The first couple of sessions are very important for your dog and I. This time allows us to to get to know each other and to develop mutual trust. 

There is no specific length of time set to each session however we follow a routine that may last 30 minutes.  I follow the cues and allow your dog to decide when to end the treatment.

Best results

I prefer to offer massage in a place where your dog can truly relax;  in a quiet area, away from all home activity.



Massaging your dog

TTouch is a gentle and effective method of training animals and supporting their well being through bodywork and ground exercises.


Developed in the early 1970’s for horses by Linda Tellington-Jones, it is now used with a wide range of domesticated animals, as well as animals in zoos and wildlife rehabilitation programs.

Tellington TTouch addresses each animal as an individual. 

The approach in the field of canines is widely accepted as a powerful method to improve behavior and enhance health.


The circular movements help reduce fear and pain, enhance cellular function and communication and support the healing potential of the body. 

Resting dog
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