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Why scientists believe that animals are conscious and should be treated as such.

Round table of animals and a man

The question of animal consciousness often raises mixed feelings and sparks passionate controversies. From immemorial times, the concept of animals being conscious beings has generated fear and horror stories which are arguably rooted in religious beliefs. Fortunately this debatable topic has generated enormous amounts of research by world reputable scientist who agree that animals are actually conscious beings.

If you are interested in the topic and want to expand your understanding you will be interested to know that In July of 2012, twenty five top minds on ‘the mind’, including honorary guest Stephen Hawking “congregated in Cambridge UK, to discuss the evidence that has amassed over the years.” During this exchange of information based on their research, experts reached the unanimous decision that animals - specifically mammals and birds - are in fact, conscious beings. On July 7th The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in Non-Human Animals was publicly proclaimed at the conclusion of the Conference.

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