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Can stress affect your animal's health?

I discovered The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats at Toronto’s East York Animal Clinic last May when I accompanied my friend to pick up her whippet puppy Sophie. Her vet, Dr. Paul McCutcheon, is the author of this highly readable and informative book. What especially caught my attention is the book’s emphasis on the role of stress as the single, universal cause of both wellness and illness among pets.

The effect of stress on human health is widely accepted in the human medical community, but the idea that stress diminishes the well-being of our pets is still controversial among veterinarians. Dr. McCutcheon draws upon the latest scientific thinking about the all-important connection between health and stress, combining it with a comprehensive, preventive, and holistic philosophy of pet care.

Stressed animals? I was not really convinced a few years ago when my vet in Vancouver said my cat Nico was losing his fur because he was stressed out. We had moved to a new home, and his scruffy-looking coat was not the image he needed to help him settle in comfortably with the feline neighbours. I wish I knew then what I know now.

The New Holistic Way for Dogs & Cats offers clear explanations on the philosophy of holistic animal care, and clarification on the intelligent use of mainstream and non-mainstream methods. I am thrilled to add Dr. McCutcheon's book to my pet care library.

Published in 2010, it is an excellent resource for dog and cat lovers, or for anyone responsible for making health decisions about an animal companion.

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