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Accelerate the healing process of your dog and 
reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety.


Reiki and massage are recognized 

complementary therapies that help alleviate

·Pain inflammation

·Age related problems

·Cancer related issues

·Post injury and surgery recovery

·Behavioural concerns.

Reiki and massage are gentle and non-invasive treatments that can be safely integrated in your dog's training and rehabilitation plan. 


These complementary therapies are beneficial to all animals regardless of their age, size, breed or state of health.


Your Pet's Needs


Reiki & Pet Behavioural Issues
Behavioural Issues

Most behavioural issues are manifestations of stress and are often expressed with excessive barking and chewing; aggressiveness; fears; lack of appetite and even illness.

Animals are very sensitive beings and can be directly affected by the surrounding energy.

As your 'mate' your dog shares your home and many times spend long days at your place of work, s/he also feels the ups-and-downs, stresses, and  may even somatize your distress. It is possible that your  companion may be exposed to noise or other pollutants generated inside or outside of your home office, or she may be reacting to past memories, trauma or abandonment.

With reiki and massage we can help release energy blockages caused by the many stressors, so you and your animal companion can enjoy a happy and healthy life together with you.

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Health Related Problems

      Reiki and TTouch massage can:

  • Help accelerate the healing process  following an illness or surgery.

  • Alleviate the side effects of      painkillers and antibiotics.

  • Reduce inflammation and pain due to arthritis and injuries.

  • For cancer patients, reiki and massage can ease the aches and distress of treatments.

  • Help strengthen the immune  system.

Reiki & Age Related Issues Toronto
Aging Related Issues

The relaxing benefits of reiki and massage can help your senior dog with numerous discomforts and issues related to aging.

Like humans, our animals respond positively to regular reiki and canine massage. As they relax, the debilitating arthritic pain diminishes; medication is tolerated better, and their immune system will be stronger to fight infectious diseases.


Feeling unwell increases the levels of stress and Corticosteroid (stress hormone), resulting in the weakening of the immune system. 

By integrating reiki and canine massage in your animal's wellness plan, you are offering you animal companion, non invasive options to feel healthier and happier.

Our Offerings


Reiki and Canine Massage
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If your dog is exposed to high stress and showing changes of  behaviour, is ill, or is dealing with the aches and pains, we are here to help. Reiki works on a deep energetic level to support your companion's innate ability to heal from the inside out. Massage helps to relax muscle tension and ease pain caused in most cases by arthritis and injuries.


Reiki and massage are complementary therapies to veterinary care and have no negative side effects or contraindications.  


Each individual case is different so the approach and type of therapy is based on your dog's needs. My ultimate goal is to help your pooch's ability heal in a gentle and caring manner.


Special Offer 

To help with your dog's stress related behaviours and to help reduce the build up of tension at home and at work, I offer Reiki for your and your dog simultaneously. These sessions are geared to help you relax together, harmonize your energies, release tensions, and ultimately enjoy to a healthy life together.




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"Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny.

If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it .."

~ Kim Shotola

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